Disco pub Dolce Zucchero Florence

Dolce Zucchero is a disc - disc-pub in historical center of Florence subdivided in three areas. Al gently higher there are the room principal bar, the room music dal screw, dance with a cabin for the concerts and the room advertizing "australian beach bar" with independent entry. In the lower plan a discotheque with music house, basic drum' and underground.
The evening starts quickly in the higher plan with music of living and successively it continues with the opening of the discotheque after 24.00. The room advertizing "australian beach bar" remains open for all the night and creates a pleasant alternative for which it wants to chatter with music only of hollow block.
They are indeed at disposal of the customers cheeks of table and video games in free I employ. They exist even different two small rooms open to the public which often are used to organize private festivals. For this reason Dolce Zucchero is between the buildings more suited and required to celebrate birthdays, lauree etc.

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