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Art.e has been teaching Visual Arts to foreign students from all over the world since 1987. Located in the artistic heart of Florence, Santa Croce, the School offers a range of courses, divided into the following specializations: * DESIGN * PHOTOGRAPHY * FINE ARTS Please refer to each page of the site for specific information regarding the choice of courses, durations and costs. Full details of each specific course, along with the different lenghts of duration are included in the brochure (on request). Our aim is to provide quality courses which develop the creative, practical and technical skills of each student in their chosen specialization and thus provide them with what they need to make the next step in their career. The course have a practical and professional focus and our policy is to maintain small classes so that the teachers can identify the requirements of each individual participant. The teaching staff are chosen because of their expertise in their specialization and they are also a valuable point of reference for students to the realty of the professional world. In order to help students partecipate in Art.e courses, we also offer the following support services: - Accommodation: Refer to the enrolment form for information on the choices available. - Language: The courses are taught in the Italian Language and some students may wish to improve their knowledge either before or during their study at Art.e. We work with a leading language School in Florence, Linguaviva, and Art.e students can take courses there. Please indicate on the enrolment form if you would like more information. Also, we teach intensive courses in English, by request. Art.e also specializes in helping students prepare their porfolio for University admittance and preparation for the entrance exam to the "Accademia di Belle Arti". Course Duration - Two Year Academic - Annual - Semester - Intensive: from 2 to 24 weeks

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