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The bookbindery All´Ancora Secca, which inherits the trademark of the printer Aldo Manuzio, started its activity in 1997 in the historical center of Florence near the Cathedral and the popular S. Lorenzo market. Wide range of products made exclusively by hand: photo albums, leather and paper notebooks, address books, hand decorated papers. For decoration they employ two ancient techniques: marble and pasted papers. The process “marmorizzazione” is carried out in bath tub with water and glue; colors are distributed on the surface and later worked on with combs, paint brushes or thin metalic tips, creating a variety of designs. On the other hand, the pasted paper is done by drafting the colours directly on the sheet, using brushes, rollers, sponges; after which wooden combs or finger-tips are used to create a special tridimensional effect. The use of handmade papers, from Amalfi paper made of pure cellulose to cotton or mulberry-tree papers, and the careful selection of the leather to be used for the trimmings guarantee each product's excellent quality, characterizing the Ancora Secca line of articles as unique and original.

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