Shop Puma Elettronica Florence

From 1993, we are the Center Attendance Specialized on the monitor professional of several Marches between which: Philips, apple, cabel, selti and the greater Marches of the field, comprised the monitor personalize to you on blot some industrial to numerical control. We repair whichever marks of computer comprised the notebook on which we execute the repair to member of the inner cards. We are the technical center of reference for some large regional retailers. We plan, we install and we assist business nets with serveur dedicates to you and to multiple services actions to resolve and to improve the production processes of our customers. We are a dynamics and fast company in answering to the demanded detailed lists of our customers. We are retailers of accessories and replacement parts of the managed apparatuses: transformers of line, display lcd for notebook and monitor ended, inner parts and quant' other necessary one to their repair.

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