Parks and Gardens in Florence Italy

Area: Centro storico

Viale Giuseppe Poggi 2 - Firenze - Tel. 055-2342426 - 055-2625342

The Garden of the roses has been realized in one portion comprised between the Rampe street and the Delle Croci street, by the Florence Istitution. The Garden is a typical garden of breeding of the... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Piazzale Michelangelo - 50122 Firenze‎ - Tel. 055-483112

The Iris garden is caught up covering the Viale dei Colli in Florence direction. The entry, placing the shoulders to the David, is on the left of the Michelangelo square, to the beginning of the... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Giardino Torrigiani - 50124 Firenze - Tel. 055-224527

The entrance to the garden Torrigiani (garden of private property) extends to the walls along the Viale Petrarca. The garden was designed by Luigi Cambray - Digny and later continued by Gaetano... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Via Il Prato, 58 - 50123 Firenze - Tel. 055-210594 - 055-280257

An undiscovered paradise, just steps from the suffocating traffic. Palazzo Corsini is a project of the nineteenth Buontalenti and became the residence of noble families in Florence. And 'surrounded... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Piazza de' Pitti, 1 - 50125 Firenze - Tel. 055-294883

The garden of Boboli is annexed to the complex of Pitti Palace and is one of the greatest parks in Florence (45,000 m2). The garden of Boboli constitutes one of the best existing examples of Italian... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Parco delle Cascine - 50144 Firenze

The Cascine were part of the estate and were purchased by Alessandro and Cosimo I Medici to be used as a game reserve and for bovine farming. In 1786 Giuseppe Manetti started to restore the Cascine... [...]

Area: Centro storico

Via Pier Antonio Micheli, 3 - 50121 Firenze - Tel. 055-2756209

The "Garden of the Semplici" is the third of the gardens of medicinal plants, after the gardens botanists of Pisa and Padova. The garden was constituted the 1 December 1545 by Cosimo dei... [...]


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