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Public Squares in Florence

San Marco Square

San Marco Square In San Marco public square is situated the center of the University of Florence and The Public square is in the heart of the historical center.

In the center of the public square we find the monument of general Manfredo Fanti executed in bronze by Pio Fedi in 1873. The public square is encircled from great buildings. The Mansion of the Livia is to attribute to Bernardo Fallani (1780) that currently it accommodates the CircoloUfficiali of garrison. On the opposite side we find the Belle Arti Academy and already cited center of the university of Florence.

On the northern side of the public square we find the Church of San Marco and a wing of the convent. ...

Libertą Square

Libertą Square Libertą Public square is situated in the more northern apex of the old town-walls building of Florence and here meet 7 roads and 3 tree-lined avenues.

In the center of the public square we find the "Arco Trionfale di Francesco Stefano di Lorena", realized by Jean Nicolas Jadot in occasion of the arrival to Florence in 1739 of the Granduca of Tuscany. In 1744 the work was concluded with the added of bassorilievo representing an unravelled of the Turks to Cornia.

In Libertą Public Square we always find the San Gallo door of 1285 with sculptures and paintings of 1300. On the perimeter of the public square we find historical buildings with neoclassico and rinascimentale style. ...

Indipendenza Square

Indipendenza Square Independence Public square is situated in the heart of the historical center of Florence and is easy to reach from main railway station of Santa Maria Novella.
In the center of the Public square we find monuments dedicates to Ubaldino Peruzzi of 1897 and Bettino Ricasoli of 1897. Around the public square of Independence we find the Quarter of Barbano realized in 1844 - 1855, first one made in the XIX century in the areas remained free within walls; it comprises the Palace of the Conferences and the Tree-lined avenue Filippo Strozzi.

From Independence Public square the 27 on April 1859 left the demonstrations that carried to the fall of the Lorenense government and favor the annexation of ...

San Lorenzo Square

San Lorenzo Square Along the Palace Medici Riccardi, following via de' Gori, we find San Lorenzo Public square and the monument "Giovanni dalle Bande Nere", father of Cosimo I and firt ancestor of the Medici family.

The Public square of Saint Lorenzo is encircled, beyond the church of Saint Lorenzo, by many palaces Of the XV and XVI century. Just infront of the Basilica of San Lorenzo we find the Ximeniano Observatory, an important sismografico and meterological center that was founded in 1756 like Astronomical observatory.

In the Public square of San Lorenzo every day is made the famous "Mercatino di San Lorenzo", where the craftsmen expose produced handicraft and characteristic. ...

Michelangelo Large square

Michelangelo Large square The rolling hills and interesting vegetation to the south of Florence (Firenza) can be enjoyed from the hilltop near Piazzale Michelangelo.
The district around Michelangelo Plaza features some less known, but very enjoyable attractions.

The Piazzale Michelangelo is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Florence Italy. Perched high on a hillside overlooking the city, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of Florence's skyline. A replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David stands in the centre of the plaza.

A number of other attractions can be found in the Piazzale Michelangelo District. Just a short walk uphill is the spectacular Romaneque San Miniato Church. An equally short ...

Santa Maria Novella Square

Santa Maria Novella Square The Santa Maria Novella church is a 13th century church, located across from the central train station (Stazione di Santa Maria Novella) in Florence Italy (Firenza). The church contains many fine pieces of art including a 3-D painting by Masaccio. Other important works include: Trinity by Masaccio (1428), Capella Tornabuone' fresco by Ghirlandaio (1485).

The Public Square of Santa Maria Novella is one of the more important public squares in Florence. Station of Saint is situated near the main station of Florence (Santa Maria Novella Train Station) right in the center historical, two steps from the Dome of Florence.

In the course of the years The Public Square of Santa Maria Novella ha ...

Unitą Italiana Square

Unitą Italiana Square Close to the main station of Santa Maria Novella in the centers of Dell'Unitą Italiana Public Square we can admire a obelisco of 1882 erected in order to remember the war of independence. Public square of the Italian Unit is the old public square where in XIII century the old Church of Santa Maria Novella rose.

The public square is encircled on two sides by 2 large lodges and by the Cerretani Palace characterized to the inside by frescoes of XVII century. Continuing we can easy catch up (in 2 or 3 minutes) Santa Maria Novella public square and San Marco public square. ...

Signoria Square

Signoria Square Situated in the historical center, the Signoria public square always has been the political center and the heart of the civil life in Florence. The Signoria public square is reachable by foot in 10 minutes from the railway station of Santa Maria Novella and is annexed to the Uffizi Gallery, Old Palace and Old Bridge. After several transformations and to continuation of the realization of the Uffizi Gallery (in 1560 - 1580) Public square of the Signoria assumed the actual aspect; a great visual impact correlated by several sculptures and palaces.

To the center of the public square is placed the equestre monument of Cosimo I (work in bronze of the Giambologna of the 1598) and Source of Publ ...

Beccaria Square

Beccaria Square In Cesare Beccaria square is arrived covering the avenue Antonio Gramsci. To the center of Beccaria Public square we find the Porta alla Croce where we can admire I fresco of 1500 of the Madonna con Bambino e Santiattribuito work of Michele di Ridolfo of the Ghirlandaio.

The public square has a elliptic shape and the present buildings are decorate with classic style decoration. In the years it has carried out a point of fundamental passage and still today there are many roads that give Beccaria Public square carry in the several zones of Florence. ...

Dome Square

Dome Square One of the busiest areas of Florence is Piazza del Duomo, a large city square located on the south side of Florence's famous Duomo cathedral. Many tourist attractions are located near Piazza del Duomo.

The Public square of the Dome of Florence is the heart of the city and is the departure point in order to catch up the other places and works of art. The Dome Public square is easy to reach on foot in few minutes from the main railway station of Santa Maria Novella.

The actual public square configuration was created in the XIX century after some works in order to give uniformity between present monuments. The part south of the Public square of the Dome has been review by Gaetano Baccani ...

Repubblica Square

Repubblica Square The Piazza della Repubblica is a gigantic square in the Signoria District of Florence. The tall column in the centre of the square marks the intersection of two main roads from the Roman period.

The Republic Square has a elliptic shape and has been obtained widening the public square of the risen Old Market in the Middle Ages on the ruins of the Hole of a Roman city, patrimony of remarkable beauty of which still it remains a positive remind.

In the Public square of the Republic we find the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, work of Emilio Zocchi. Only testimony after the participation of XIX the century is the Column of the Dovizia or the Abundance erected in the 1431 by Donatello. It ...

Cure Square

Cure Square The Public square of the Cure takes the name from the ancient activity of "curandaio" (of the lavandaio) that it was praticated in the antiquity in the public square. In the 1800's on this land rose one of the first centers lives outside from walls citizens.

Close to Public square of the Cure we find the Dei Mille avenue, Madonna della Querce street, Cino da Pistoia street, Boccaccio street and we can arrive until the beautifulst Palmieri Villa of XV century, modernized in 1697. ...

Santa Croce Square

Santa Croce Square The Public square of Santa Croceis one of the public squares more evocative in Florence. With a rectangular shape it is a great testimony of the Middle Ages in Italy, characterized by the important presence buildings like the Palace dell'Antella, the Cocchi-Serristori Palace (end of the XV century) and the beautifulst Santa Croce Church (erected between 1294 and 1443) that dominates all the public square. In Saint public square Croce there are still visible originates lateral buildings that encircle the public square.

Here they were organized festivities, tornei, games that attracting the people they have rendered Public square of Santa Croce one of the main points of reference of Floren ...

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