Buonarroti's house Florence

The palace was constructed by the great-granddaughter of Michelangelo Buonarroti; in the course of the numerous years descendants have collected juvenile works of the artist as designs and works. To the inside between the others they are conserved also the Battaglia Dei Centauri, the beautifulst Madonna della Scala and Crocifisso Ligneo of S. Spirito.

Visiting the museum of the Casa Buonarroti arouses, first of all, the emotion of admiration for several early works by Michelangelo contained within its walls. These very famous works by Michelangelo of extreme artistic importance include the "Madonna of the Stairs" and the "Battle of the Centaurs". But for those who pass through the main entrance of the lovely seventeenth century building located at Via Ghibellina 70, Florence, it is even more interesting to relate the Michelangelo masterpieces housed there with the long story of the Buonarroti family. The family did all it could to enlarge the dwelling and make it more attractive, while preserving a precious cultural heredity and assembling a precious art collection at the same time.

There are 22 espositive areas and is possible to admire architectonic collections, pictures, models, sculptures, frescoes, and bronzes.

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