Iris Garden Florence

The Iris garden is caught up covering the Viale dei Colli in Florence direction. The entry, placing the shoulders to the David, is on the left of the Michelangelo square, to the beginning of the pedestrian distance that follow the Viale dei Colli until Ferrucci public square.

The garden of the Iris is visitabile in the month of May, the month of the closing of "giglio" or "giaggiolo", symbol of the Florence city.

The Iris garden receives beyond 2000 varieties of this flower that, probably for its several and luminous colors took the name from the Goddess Iride, messenger of Godness that, melting its scarf, formed the rainbow.
The iris diffused in the Arno Valley is represented of red color in the coat of arms of Florence.

The rappresentazione of the giglio appears frequently in the decorations of the city, in fact we can find it in the first silver coins of the Florentine republic starting from the XII century and after behind the Saint Giovanni, in the gold fiorino.

In 1967, in the lower zone, a small lake was constructed in order to accommodate in the surrounding marshy land the Iris Japanese and Louisiana.
Botanists specialists, horticulturists from various nations visit and operate in the Iris Garden for the scientific interest that it covers like an important reserves of the sort Iris.

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