Pub The old Stove Florence

Check out our SUPER HAPPY HOUR every Monday from 3pm to 10pm!

Pints: €2.90
Negroni and Americano cocktails: €3.90
Spritz and Prosecco: €2
Bottled Beer: €2.90
Every week a beer of our choice at the special price of: €2.50

DRAUGHT BEERS Pint from 5,00 € to 6,00 € - Half Pint from 3,50 € to 4,00 €

Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, Harp Strong Lager, Kilkenny Ale, Kilkenny Strong Ale, Forst Kronen, Weihenstephaner Weisse, Strongbow Cider
BOTTLED BEERS from 5,00 € to 5,50 €
Bud, Corona, Heineken, Nastro Azzurro, Super Tennent’s, Slalom, Bulmers
BEER COCKTAILS Pint 5,00 € - Half pint 3,50 €
SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS from 3,50 to 7,00 €
Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Whiskeys, Cognac, Rum, Liqueurs
SHOTS 3,00 €
WINE Glass 4,00 - Bottle 18,00 €
Chianti Red Wine, Chardonnay White Wine, Prosecco Sparkling Wine
SOFT DRINKS from 2,00 to 4,00 €
Pepsi, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Schweppes Orange, Water
COFFEE AND HOT DRINKS from 2,00 to 4,00 €
Espresso, American Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate

The Best Happy Hour in Florence

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