Jewels and Clocks Shops in Florence Italy

Area: Centro

Fruit of the experience of beyond 20 years in the field of the oreficeria, and situated in the heart of Florence, D.F.G. is one beautiful truth of the tradition orafa fiorentina. D.F.G., a beautiful reality of the Florentine jeweller’s craft tradition sited in the heart of Florence, is the [...]

Area: Centro

The traditional Pestelli craftsmanship, now one hundred years old, and restoration form the foundations of the firm. Tommaso Pestelli creates handmade objects and jewellery in the style of the famous early 20th century Pestelli production, as well as creating antique-style objects d’art for the [...]

Chilleri Gioielli
Area: Centro

Artisan laboratory of jewelry shop and oreficeria to Florence, Chilleri boasts a decennial experience in the realization of jewels in gold and platinum with precious stones and semiprecious and of prestigious binoculars from man. [...]

Giannelli Gioielleria
Area: Periferia

Craftsman from 35 years, orologeria jewelry shop GIANNELLI operates in the field from more than vent' years with seriousness and professionality. E' supplied of one immense range of jewels and clocks. During the time it has been specialized in gold jewelry shop and creating jewels, also on [...]

Massai Orafi
Area: Centro

Founded in 1950 it praises 50 years of eperienza in the field artigiano orafo Fiorentino. With the old techniques of a time it produces single parts. Opened in 1950, by a master orafo fiorentino Franco Massai and after to the his sons, the company Massai Orafi in Florence can boast beyond 50 [...]

La bottega degli orafi
Area: Centro

Gianluca puts into practice the ancient goldsmith's craft which has developed through the centuries in the heart of Florence. After a period of training of almost thirty years they built "La Bottega degli Orafi", where they create their hand made jewels following the old tradition. The [...]


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