Stationery and Toys Florence

La Scartoffia
Area: Centro

You will find the variopinte rificolone, the objects out of recycled paper, infinite tickets of particularly original wishes and charts, in addition to varied occasions for decorations of all the repetitions of the year. [...]

Fumetto Shop
Area: Semi-Centro

The fumetteria new of Florence, available comic strips of every kind and type. A true and own complete showcase for gets passionate you to it of the comic strips. [...]

Bimbissimo Srl
Area: Periferia

Very for the first childhood, for the néo and the mothers-to-be. Thousand meters of exposure to meet all the requirements of set, quality, price. [...]

Valentina Srl
Area: Periferia

"Valentina" with its style looks after in the details not only the products but even the stores with a single style which makes it single and recognizable on the world market. [...]

Wrestling show
Area: Collina

Our company imports material video from all the world from companies with regular rights wwe. Therefore from the America, Germany, Asia, Japan ecc.ecc. beyond that from Italy. Better situated than the material one on the wrestling. [...]

Dreoni Giocattoli
Area: Centro

One of the stores of toys and modellismo vaster and matched with two steps of the Dome of Florence. reoni Giocattoli has been opened on 1922 with a small surface at a short distance from Duomo Square and, due to the activity of the family Dreoni – still owners of the company – it has reached [...]


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