Various type Shops in Florence

Pizza Party
Area: Periferia

Sale portable firewood furnaces, single 50kg of weight, easy to transport from outside and inside, furnaces to firewood where you want as you want when you want. Firm leader in the production of firewood ovens to energetic saving and easily transportable. [...]

L'Arca del Masi
Area: Centro

Good web site with contained in continuous development for the world of our friends to 4 legs, 2 legs birds or fishes!!! [...]

Noleggio Video Sigrafilm
Area: Centro

La Sigra Film - punto video noleggio a Firenze fu fondata nel 1954 e rappresenta il punto di riferimento dei cineamatori fiorentini, con il suo imponente catalogo (con oltre 25000 film); La Sigra FIlm è il videonoleggio più grande di Firenze e tra i più grandi di tutta Italia. La SIGRA FILM [...]

Filistrucchi Parrucche e Trucco
Area: Centro

The birth of the house Filistrucchi, the piu' old shop of Florence, goes up with far 1720. Produce of the wigs, barbs, moustache, cheeck, and similar in natural hair. Latex masks and proth2se and cartapesta for Cinema, TV and each sector of the spectacle and the fashion. [...]

Globo pubblicità srl
Area: Semi-Centro

The Srl Globe is born in 1995. The Globo is an agency that is proposed like work group for the development of plans constructed on the requirements of the customer. [...]


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