Music & Accessories Florence

Area: Centro

Shop specialized in Guitars, Bottoms, Amplifiers, Computermusic and Strumentazione for Djs. Between the main brand you can find in th music shop Plug'n Play we remember schecter guitars, guitars, breedlove acustic guitars, tanglewood guitars, art & lutherie, michael kelly guitars, la [...]

G & E Music Lab
Area: Semi-Centro

Store specialized to Florence. Point sale of the best Marches than acoustic guitars and acoustic electrical workers, bottoms and electrical workers, amplifiers and accessories. [...]

Play! Drums & Percussions
Area: Semi-Centro

PLAY! surer fashion to acquire remotely. Our means and accessories, are examined and of the heads of professionals in the moment when they enter négotie. [...]

A.Gi.Mus. Sede di Firenze
Area: Semi-Centro

The AgimusArte orchestra is born in the 2003 from the fusion between the orchestra solisti of Fiesole and the strumentisti of the A.Gi.Mus. of Florence. A.Gi.Mus. Center of Florence - Careggi in music, Festival di Castel di Poggio, Concert of Been born them and New Year's Day, AgimusArte [...]


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