What to bring with you in Florence

Things to bring
What to bring on your trip to Florence? Objectively, there is no rule about what to wear for your visit to Florence. It depends very much on the subjective needs of the traveler, from the time of the visit and the temperature. If the period of your visit coincides with the autumn or winter (November to February/March) it is advisable to carry some heavy clothing and an umbrella (or raincoat). The temperature at this time is between 0 and 15 degrees, and it can happen that it will rain for 2/3 days continuously. During spring instead of the days are very pleasant, the temperature hovers around 20 degrees and the rains are not very frequent, but in any way can happen in precipitation, but these usually last up to an hour or two. Spring is definitely the best time to visit the city and is in fact the one with the highest influx of tourists. The summer is quite possible, but unlike the spring, you may risk running into days of full sun and very sultry; someone could give us a walk when the temperature exceeds 30-35 degrees. In any case, the basic advice is to carry around the comfortable walking shoes because most of the e visit will be made ​​on foot.

Here are the essentials for your trip to the Tuscan capital.
Identity card. It may not serve you but it is always better to take her case. If you stay in a hotel you will need to present it upon arrival.
Driver License. If you plan to rent a car driver's license will be clearly indispensable.
Money. A tip is to bring some cash to avoid situations in which the machines are out of service, at the same time it is not advisable to take too many but, when possible, use the same credit card or debit now accepted in 90% of shops, restaurants and hotels.
The camera or camcorder. It goes without saying that once you get to Florence you will be impressed by the numerous artistic treasures in the city, all worthy of a picture.
Pocket Guide. Senz doubt this will be your best travel companion. Will guide you through the narrow streets and squares of the old town with the best routes to visit the main monuments.
Pouch. It is definitely an essential thing but it is certainly a very convenient object.
Backpack. For day trips to Florence many times a fanny pack is not enough. In some cases it is advisable to also carry around a backpack (maybe one out of every 2 people) with the essential things inside.
Medicine. If you take medicines routinely remember to take them with you. In Florence there are many pharmacies but for some medicines require a prescription.

As previously mentioned these are just , according to our point of view, the essential things, but everyone has different needs and so this list is supposed to be a starting point.


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