Fountain of Neptune Florence

Right in the center of Piazza della Signoria, erected near Palazzo Vecchio is we can admire the beautiful Neptune Fountain (fontana di Nettuno) built by Bartolomeo Ammannati and Giambologna between the years 1563-1565 in occasion of the inauguration of a new aqueduct.

The colossal sculpture of the God of the sea in a chariot drawn by four horses is surrounded by three young newts and four figures representing Doride Oceania with the daughter Nereide Teti and two sea Gods. These figures are only a strengthening of the central figure, Neptune, in fact, that stands in the way prenominante other statues.

We should note a particular similarity between the face of Neptune and the face of Cosimo I, known exponent of these realizations of fountains which he considered an expression of prestige and reputation of the Granducato of Florence.

In front of the tank there is a bronze inscription engraved with the place where in May 1498 he was hanged and burned Fra' Girolamo Savonarola with Domenico Buonvicini and Silvestro Maruffi. Right here every year on the anniversary of the death of the preacher, is celebrated the 'fiorita a Fra Girolamo Savonarola'.

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Fountain of Neptune

Very excellent sculpture right in the center of Florence, Signoria square...


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