Borghese Palace Florence

Continuing on the left side of the palace in Via del Bargello along Ghibellina street we arrive at the number 110 at the Palazzo Borghese, built in just six months in 1821, incorporating the existing structures in the neoclassical style, according to a draft of Gaetano Baccani for Prince Camillo Borghese.

Since 1844 the Palazzo Borghese is the house of 'club Borghese'; just these rooms have been decorated, commissioned by the Baccani by Gasparo Martellini (Triumph of Scipio and Phaeton), Nicola Benvenuti (the billiard room and the yellow room), Antonio Fedi (Venus shows love to Jupiter), Gaspero Bargioni (pink room), Nicola Cianfanelli (room of the twelve apostles), Domenico Nani (Mars and Venus in the Green Room), Luigi Catani (Red Room).

The building's exterior is characterized by a tabernacle with a painting of the Madonna and Child by Joseph Bezzuoli and in front of the Borghese palace we find the church of St. Proculus of the thirteenth century that is not currently officiated.

The coordination of the building allows you to organize, weddings ,conferences, catering services, event catering, and parties for every need.

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