Spini Ferroni Palace Florence

After Ponte Vecchio continuing along Via Lungarno Acciaiuoli and reaching the intersection with Via de' Tornabuoni, the place where once flowed Mugnone river we find the Palazzo Spini Ferroni built towards the end of the thirteenth century and attributed to Lapo Tedesco. The Spini Ferroni palace has been repeatedly revised over time; in 1824 it was deprived of the tower and the arch of Pizzicotti to dilute the traffic on the Lungarno and in 1875 it was restored to its original medieval appearance by removing the part baroque of the facade.

The Spini Ferroni palace stands on three floors with stone window frames and cured; the contour crenellated rests in corbels which in turn are supported by a sort of inverted pyramids.

The building is now owned by the company Ferragamo and is the seat of the clothing stores of the same company; since 1995 is also the Salvatore Ferragamo museum with various decorations and frescoes from the second half of the sixteenth century.

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