Santissima Annunziata church Florence

The church rises where once there was the oratorio dei Servi di Maria. The church was rebuilt between 1440 and 1481 thanks to Michelozzo who built the first cloister and to Dell'Alberti who made many changes (the circular pulpit). From the facade of Santissima Annunziata in the square of Santissima Annunziata (with frescoes of Pontormo) we can enter the Cappella dei Pucci (to the right), to the first cloister or Chiostro dei Voti (in the centre), and to the Chiostro dei Morti (left): all these covered with frescoes of Andrea del Sarto (Madonna del Sacco), Pontormo, Franciabigio, Andrea del Sarto (La Nascita Della Vergine, The Birth Of The Virgin), Rosso Fiorentino and others...
A curious story regards Andrea del Sarto and his principal work: The Birth Of The Virgin. It was said that the artist fell asleep after having designed the angel and dreamed that he was not clever endugh to paint a virgin better than the angel already designed. On awaking he found the painting already completed by a "miraculous hand".

The church rose on the old oratory of the Servites of Mary.It was rebuilt between 1444 and 1481 by Michelozzo with the help of Pagno Portigiani and Antonio Manetti.The latter,on suggestion of Leon Battista Alberti,modified the central tribune which Michelozzo had built taking as example the Rotonda of S.Maria degli Angeli by Brunelleschi.
The facade has a front portico with seven arches on columns.From there the entrance to the small cloister of votes,frescoed by Rosso Fiorentino,Pontormo,Andrea del Sarto and others.
From the portal on the left,there is the entrance to the Cloister of the Dead,Renaissance architecture,built by Pagno Portigiani following a design by Michelozzo.Here some important works:the Madonna del Sacco,a wooden Crucifix believed by Antonio da Sangallo,some works by Della Robbia.

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