Itineraries and Excursions Tuscany Italy

If in your vacation you stay in Florence for a long period you will have the possibility, after visited the main tourist attractions of the city, to make excursions in the villages and in the nearly hills.
Following our routes you will be able to visit the (easy reachable from Florence) places of greater tourist interest in a way very simple. Therefore you will have way to alternate your visit between the museums of the historical center of Florence and sweet hills of the chianti, between the characteristic villages and the castles constructed in the antiquity in order protect the rich getlteman of a old times.

The Tuscany territory is for 2/3 characterized by hills, comprises some plains and important chains of mounts. The Tuscany is between the more famous regions in Italy in the foreign country and attracts every year million of tourists; the landscape is therefore varied and wide and can offer vacations and excursions for every requirement. The Tuscany shows on the Tyrrhenian sea and is characterized from a long coast that start from the province of Massa Carrara, passes from Livorno and ends to Grosseto. The sea in Tuscany, especially in some drawn, is indeed beautifulst and offers beaches of white sand and reef that fall verticallyin in the blue sea. In Tuscany are also present Famous islands; Island of Elba, Island of Giglio, Island of Capraia, Island of Montecristo, Island of Pianosa.
The Tuscany moreover is characterized by great hills with sweet and harmonious curves and design unique landscapes. Between the most famous hills; the Chianti and the Val d'Orcia. In the central zone we finds the Appennines, a chain that can be considered the skeleton of Italy; it crosses Italy from top to bottom. Between the more famous mounts in Tuscany where it is possible to make trekking in the summer and to ski in the winter we remember the Abetone mount.