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One of the busiest areas of Florence is Piazza del Duomo, a large city square located on the south side of Florence's famous Duomo cathedral. Many tourist attractions are located near Piazza del Duomo.

The Public square of the Dome of Florence is the heart of the city and is the departure point in order to catch up the other places and works of art. The Dome Public square is easy to reach on foot in few minutes from the main railway station of Santa Maria Novella.

The actual public square configuration was created in the XIX century after some works in order to give uniformity between present monuments. The part south of the Public square of the Dome has been review by Gaetano Baccani that in years 1826-1830 constructed palaces like rooms of the canonical of the cathedral; always Gaetano Baccani constructed the cast iron railing that all the perimeter of the Dome encircles.
In the years between 1841 and 1844 via Calzaiuoli was increased between Orsanmichele and the Dome, in the 1860 way of the Oriolo and in 1870 also via de' Martelli. Finally in order to magnify the Saint public square Giovanni, in the years between 1885 and 1895, came demolished and rear the facades of the Archiepiscopal Palace.

Anyone enters in Public square of the Dome in Florence remains impressionated for the beauty and the greater of the present works realized with red, white and dark green marbles. In the Public square we find the complex religious more important of the city: the Baptistry of Saint Giovanni, the cathedral of Saint Maria of the Flower (Dome) and the bell tower of Giotto.

Turning around to the public square leaving from via of the Calzaiuoli is possible to admire the loggia of the Bigallo realized by Alberto Arnoldi realized between 1352 and 1358 composed in marble and by 2 large arched rich adorned and decorated with reliefs representing angels, Jesus, prophets).
Continuing we find the reconstructed archiepiscopal Palace by Giovanni Antonio Dosio (1573-84) after a fire in 1533; from the courtyard it is possible to reach the Church of S. Salvatore al Vescovo.
To the number 7 of Public square of the Dome we find the House of the Work of S. Giovanni, subsequently some old houses of the XV century.
To the corner of via of the Servants we find the Palzzo Strozzi and Niccolini of the XV century.
Continuing we find other palaces of hte XVII century: Palace Guadagni Riccardi, Strozzi of Mantova, Palace of the Canonical, the center of the arciconfraternita one of the Misericordia founded in the 1244 by S. Peter Martire.

Piazza di San Giovanni is the plaza located directly in front of the Duomo in Florence Italy. Visitors to Florence flock to this square to enjoy the facade of Florence's famous cathedral. The Baptistry, with its famous doors, is also located on Piazza di San Giovanni.

Many popular tourist attractions are located in the area that surrounds the Duomo.

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