Medici Chapels Museum Florence

The museum of the Cappelle Medicee of Florence occupies a part of the beautifulst complex of the basilica of Saint Lorenzo. In the Church of Saint Lorenzo were buried members of the Medici family at the end of the first half of XV Century. The basements of the church of Saint Lorenzo were restore after the alluvium of 1966 and guard the rip ofCosimo il Vecchio, inserted in the pillar they centers, and the rip of Donatello.

The museum is famous in the world for the "Sagrestia Nuova" an atmosphere realized by Michelangelo in order to accommodate the rips of Lorenzo and Giuliano dei Medici; one of the greater work of architecture and sculpture of the Italian Rinasciment.

The Cappelle Medicee constitute an immense set of atmospheres of great historical and architectonic interest.

The income to the Cappelle Medicee happens to turns of 15 minutes.

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My impression on Medici museum in Florence

We can see this museum was built in Renaissance period. It was fantastic. It was very cool, too.


the medici museum

Marvelous. I was inspired by its vivid colour and delicate ornate.


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