Semplici Garden Florence

The "Garden of the Semplici" is the third of the gardens of medicinal plants, after the gardens botanists of Pisa and Padova. The garden was constituted the 1 December 1545 by Cosimo dei Medici.
The entry to the "Garden of Semplici" is in Pier Antonio Micheli street.
Opened to public in timetable 9,00-13,00 except the saturday and Sunday, the income is free for children under the six years, adults with more than 65 years.
Approximately the half of the surface is dedicated to the collections in greenhouse, than they are distinguished in: "warm greenhouses", of exotic origin and "cold greenhouses" the collections of Cicadee, citruses, palms and carnivorous plants.
The collections are enriched moreover by the collections of plants, the Ferns, the Orchidee, the Bromeliacee and the Aracee.

Outside we can find the remarkable collection of great plants, medicinal plants and alimentary plants, increased from the presence of the flower-bed of 22 the eatable wild grass inaugurated May of 2004.

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